School Visits

School visits are my favorite part of being an author!

As a theatre major with years of experience with playwriting, directing and acting, I create presentations filled with theatrical elements and surprises that keep students engaged.

I’m available for in person visits (mostly Austin-area schools, with some availability for other Texas schools) and virtual visits (anywhere in the world!)

Certain schools in Austin, TX may qualify for a FREE visit with Project WISE, through the Writers’ League of Texas.

I am passionate about diversity and representation in children’s books. I’m not available for any events that discriminate against marginalized or underrepresented people.

If you’re interested in booking a school visit, please contact Carmen Oliver at

Virtual Visits

Rrrraaak! A Sound Word Adventure
Grades: Pre-K3 – 2nd
30 minutes
In this lively interactive performance, students will learn about onomatopoeia and step into the writer’s shoes by deciding which sound words to choose for each new situation.
Featured Book: Everybody in the Red Brick Building 

When the Writing Gets Tough . . . 
Grades: 2nd – 5th
45 minutes
Students join Anne as she shares how her path to becoming a children’s book author mirrors the process of a seed’s growth into a tree. Along the way, students will receive inspirational and practical writing tips on writing tools; beginnings, middles and ends; persistence and more.
Featured Book: Nell Plants a Tree

In-Person Visits

I’m available for in-person visits at local (Austin-area) elementary schools, as well as a limited number of in-person visits for Texas schools outside of Austin.

My in-person visits consist of three or four presentations of your choice (see list of virtual visit topics). The visits should fit within a 5-hour window between 9am and 2pm on weekdays, and can include lunchtime with a small number of students and staff.

Pre-School Story Time

I offer in-person (Austin-area only) or virtual preschool story time for kids ages 2-3.

Visits consist of blocks of 15-minute sessions of toddler-friendly story time with readings of Hands On!, One Big Day and Everybody in the Red Brick Building, plus fun activities for each book.